Websites compared to other forms of advertising.

Getting started with a website is a very important step for businesses. A website is a form of online advertisement, a business card you don’t need to reprint and can be picked up 24/7 365. Most business owners will spend hundreds or even thousands on advertising yet do not wish to invest in a website because they don’t realize that it is a brochure that can be accessed by millions instead of thousands like most forms of advertising.

Advantages of a website for advertising.

1. More cost effective than traditional advertisement.
2. Builds an online presence that people can access regardless of location.
3. Available 24/7 with little to no downtime.
4. Available on multiple devices.
5. Free to update and dont have to pay per word.
6. Able to integrate with Social Media such as Facebook or Twitter.
7. Allows you to see the conversion and clicks on your site.
8. Allows integration within other forms of online advertising.

In addition to improved advertising there are other cost saving advantages with a website.  On of these is the ability to include a Frequently Asked Questions section.  A FAQ section is a section that can answer questions that are brought up often and usually costs companies through an employees time investment in answering the same question for many people.  A FAQ would allow such questions to be posted to a website and easily accessable to visiting customers requiring less investments in the form of employee time.