A quick guide for business owners.

When Business owners start looking for a website, many of them dive in head first with little understanding of what they need to know or what questions they should ask. It can become very frustrating and disorienting. I am going to take a moment to give you a hand with this issue by covering some of the terms you might hear, what they mean, some of the important questions to ask and why.

HTML5 – The easiest way to describe this is similar to building a house.  HTML5 is the structure of every webpage.  It is the same as saying I want a house and it must have two bedrooms a kitchen and a bathroom.  It is important to verify that any web developer is using HTML5 standards during development as it is the latest standard and significantly impacts searches for your site.

CSS3 – This is the design plans for the house.  While HTML5 is the structure CSS3 is the layout and design plans for your site.  How big is the bathroom, what shape is the kitchen and what colors are the other two rooms?  This is the style of the site.  CSS3 is the latest standard and should be followed as well.

Javascript – Form meets function.  This is where you work with interactivity.  Can I clap my hands to turn on the lights? If I walk into a room does the tv come on by itself?  This is where user interaction meets your site.

Client side vs Server side – What has been covered already is client side which means this happens in the browser on your computer.  Server side happens on a server tucked away and hidden somewhere.  Clients connect to servers, servers then send information to clients to be used.

PHP – The inner workings.  This is under the hood on the server side.  It is used to save information to databases, send the pages that a web browser can view and accesses passwords to allow users to login to your site and many other things that happen in the background.

mySQL – This is a special language used to store and access information such as passwords and usernames.

SASS, LESS, CSS preprocessor – just in case you overhear these terms, they are used to help speed development of CSS3.

JQuery – A pre-built set of Javascript code snippets made into a library that allows developers to quickly implement functionality into a site.  It has its advantages through significantly speeding development but has some disadvantages such as web pages loading unnecessary code as well.